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Looking for a Seattle Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

If you have been targeted in the workplace by unwanted sexual harassment or assault you need to talk to someone who understands your rights and will help protect your interests. Contact an attorney today.


Attorney Nicole Gainey focuses her practice on civil legal matters with an emphasis on employee-side employment law. She is determined to help clients find justice when they have been discriminated against or sexually harassed at work.

She has successfully resolved discrimination claims against an international hotel chain, a national insurer, a multi-national bank, a Seattle area law firm's founding attorney, and a regional retail chain as well as against other corporations and entities. 

She is currently accepting new clients with wrongful termination claims related to sexual harassment, discrimination based hostile work environment, and retaliation.

Recent Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Lawsuits filed by this Employment Lawyer in King County Superior Court 2019 - 2023
Merrin v.  Stephen Teller 19-2-15310-5
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