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Justice for those targeted at work

Justice for Washington Workers  - Fighting: Sexual Harassment, Race Discrimination​ / Hostile Work environment /  Wrongful Termination ​/ Retaliation / Sexual Assault / Stalking / Failure to Accommodate Disability.

Employment Law

Few things are as central to our sense of well-being as the ability to provide for ourselves and our families. When companies unlawfully target workers based on their sex, gender, race, actual or perceived disability, family status, pregnancy, or other protected status they undermine that sense of well-being. Companies who engage in creating hostile work environments based on protected status, or who allow those hostilities to go unchecked, damage workers not just economically but also emotionally and psychologically and they should be held accountable in a court of law.


Attorney Nicole Gainey focuses her legal Seattle legal practice on employee side employment law in Washington State. That means she works for you not for corporations and not for the government. She seeks justice for those harmed because of their gender, or race, or because they sought to make the workplace safer or more ethical (whistle blowers). She defends the legal rights of Washington workers, and bystanders, who seek to stop gender and sexual harassment, racism, and all forms of unlawful discrimination in Washington state's workplaces.

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